Making Code and Designs Public for 2020 season

All 1540 code (including our 2020 competition code, as soon as we start writing it) is publicly available on our GitHub at

In the past year, we’ve continued our work on our common code library, Reusable Object-Oriented Systems, Templates, and Executables for Robots (or ROOSTER for short).

Our 2019 competition code (for our robots Phineas and Ferb) is also present, containing our field-oriented tank drive system integrated with advanced custom vision pose estimation (including full 3D pose using the Limelight without compute3D, odometry to continue tracking when the camera is blocked by our elevator, automatic calibration to field/camera variances, and automatic hatch placement when in position) as well as a variety of advanced superstructure controls, a gyro-stabilized climb sequence, and self-test functions for all robot mechanisms.

You can also find the code for our 2019 BunnyBots (Chonk and Liam) as well as an unused vision system we developed during the 2019 season.

All team 5940’s code is available on our github. Repositories of note include:

Our cad from 2019 is available here (3.7gb of mess).

Team 4926 basic chassis REV 4 (2017, 2018, 2019…and maybe 2020!)

Adding 1519’s code release to the list: Team 1519 - 2019 Code Release w/2020 Beta Test Updates (Java)

Just to be extra safe, here is our code from last year as well as offseason projects.

Last year’s code: frc-2019

A rewrite of last year’s code, featuring some WPILib 2020 things (it’s on the develop branch): frc-2019-rewrite

We made a submodule for shared classes that our code will use (most of everything is on the develop branch here too): WarlordsLib

Team 3229s 2019 Code

Team 5675 Code:

Team 5675 swerve drive CAD:

Team 3044’s code:

Team 4855’s code:

Because I’m too lazy to make a separate post, here’s our 2019 robot code release (and online LabVIEW docs).

Our public resources can be found here:
(It’s just our 2019 code at this time.)

Team 1257’s 2020 Pre-Season CAD Practice / Designs. All of our code is avalible on our GitHub as well, and is open by default throughout the season.

Our code has been public for a while but here is our 2019 code as well as some of our offseason work:

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4265 2019 Season CAD

Here is every file from 4265 last year. Apologies for the clutter. If you need help finding anything email [email protected]

FRC 6995 Nomad 2019:

FRC 7890 SeQuEnCe 2019:

Only way we got it to work was to put everything except the drivetrain into one command and one subsystem - looking to understand Java better and use the framework the right way in 2020. Appreciate CD and all of the posts that help us learn!

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Team RUSH’s 2019 Competition and off-season code:

frcconf (working title) was developed this offseason to significantly reduce deployment times when all you’re changing are configuration values. Current plan is to release it on jitpack in a more polished state this build season.

Example implementation - RobotMap is written, and ConfiguredRobotMap is generated and then can be used by ConfigLoader. It gets picked up in the deployment process, so no need to copy it from the build/generated folder into your source code.


103’s Code:

103’s CAD:

We haven’t modeled anything for this year yet, but anyone with this link will be able to see our progress.

Here is CHAOS 131’s thread:

Our CAD lead has shared SolidWorks files for the robot modules we designed during pre-season training. We also plan to share Drivetrain chassis files (a tweak from the version we posted last year) before kickoff.

Good luck to everyone!