♥ Making friends in first ♥

Hi there fellow FIRST team members. I wanted to start up a chat for those in FIRST who just want to chat and make friends with those on other teams. I don’t think till will go over to well but…you know I can always give it a try.

Just try not to Flame anyone
follow all rules of this site
and feel free to chat about this years FIRST rules, game play, or anything else FIRST related.

IM-style should be kept to IM, please.

There are existing chat rooms on IRC that are frequented by FIRST participants. Maybe one of those folks will be along soon to share the information about where to find them.

#firstrobotics on irc.freenode.net is the place.

You can use a web-based portal here: http://www.astro73.com/firstirc/

thanks sanddrag, got here before me…