Making Friends

Hi, my names Johnny and I’m completely new to the wonderful world that is First and FRC. I would like to get to know everyone in the community if possible, but that would be crazy. Yet, I would like to try. I’m eager to know and get to know all of you.

Hi Johnny, may as well try to get this chain started.

My name is Aidan, a 12th grader in San Francisco, and I am the Vice President of Outreach for Team 4159 CardinalBotics! I’m a diehard fan for my team and even got my hair dyed red just for this season. I can answer any basic, non-technical questions you may have!

Hi Johnny, My name is Gus, and I am a FIRSTaholic. Seriously, I’m Gus Michel II (or GeeTwo, as my son, Gustave Michel III (Gixxy) founded our team; I consider myself the team’s first unofficial sponsor as I paid for our first domain name). I’m a physicist with a computer science minor working a career as an (acoustic) oceanographer. Welcome to FIRST, and to Chief Delphi!

That’s awesome and thank you both. I am a 12th grader as well from Sanger High School. Our Team is 5817 Uni-Rex. I am a new addition to a new team. That being said what are some good memories you’ve made in the community and at events?

Hey Johnny,

My name is Parker, and I am a mentor for team 5349. Nice to meet you!
If you have any questions, I can at least tell you where to go to solve them, if not help myself.


Hey everyone! Wanted to stop by for the first time and say hello. I am a teacher mentor for 3495 Mindcrafts. Been a mentor for 3 years now but just recently joined this to converse. I know how addicting forums can be so hence the hesitation.

Well one of the things I am trying to figure out is the process to get sponsors to help my team. What are some steps I need to take to start? or is it just something that I need to just find like company contacts.

Hi Johnny, great idea for a post!

My name is Chris - I’m a mentor for 1736 in Peoria IL. I never did any sort of robotics while in High School, but was introduced to it while in college by a friend heavily involved in First. Continued with mentoring software after graduation. When not doing robotics, I’m an electrical engineer who writes software for a major vehicle manufacturer.

Best of luck in FRC, and enjoy it!

Hey Johnny!

I’m Amanda and I’m a 9th grader from team #85 in Michigan! I decided to join this year and I’m marketing and enjoying it so far. Not too much to really know about me but I do enjoy drawing,reading manga, and playing rpg games :deadhorse::deadhorse:

I don’t know too much about robots and all, but I can say that I know some of my team’s sponsors are found through members’ parents and local businesses. Don’t really know how to get the sponsors to actually help out though sorry :frowning:

Hello my name is Cole, I’m a 10th grader from Placerville, CA, and am part the team 3189. :cool:

Hi Johnny!
My name is Alex, and I’m a senior on The Nuts and Bolts of Fury (CT). I’ve been on the team for 4 years and I love it. My hair will also be dyed red for the season! FRC has had a huge impact on me as a person and I can’t wait for this competition season. This year I’m working unofficially as a lead in Human Resources, so I can help you with sponsorships and the like if you need it!

Our website has our sponsorship application form as well as our different sponsorship “levels,” if you’d like to check that out ( We also have a standard team sponsor letter (to send out), and students are encouraged to write their own as well.