Making the Labview program stick

Our programming team is having trouble getting the .vi files to “stick” to the cRIO. We download it to the cRIO and it only stays on as long as the cRIO is on. We wish to make it so that a select program will remain on the cRIO until we change the program otherwise. Any help is appreciated!

You need to check out all of the LabVIEW resource links that are accessible via the above website. These are the definitive docs from NI to answer your questions. Specifically, you need to learn the difference between running from RAM and building/deploying/run as startup.


You should definitely read the documentation for this !

Short answer, From project explorer , right click on cRio to “Build” and then right click to “run as startup”

Thanks a ton guys! I’ll try it out, and I’ll be sure to read the manuals a bit more thouroughly :slight_smile: