Making your own plywood for the bumpers

Do you think we you can manufacturer our own plywood for the bumpers or is there a rule you must buy the plywood already made?:confused:

theres no rule that i know of, just that the plywood must be 1/2" thick (or is it 5/8"?) it’s in the robot part of the manuual, but as far as my judgement goes, you should be fine with making your own.

I’m trying to say this as nicely as possible. Absolutely nothing in the above answer was correct. Plywood must be 3/4". And the GDC has said you cannot make your own:

I wish that <R08> specified the word “commercial”, rather than having to deal with it in the Q&A. After all, there was nothing in the rules themselves that would have led a team to think that making their own plywood was illegal.

Wow. You must have some folks on the team you want to punish.:ahh: