Makn' switches on a serial port


We are trying to make our own switches to operate as the top, trigger and AUX buttons when we hook the up to port 3.

We stripped the wires, tried to figure out where they go (emphasis on TRIED), and now we need to connect the right wires to the right places on the switches.

The switches are simple, one way its a closed circit, the other way it’s open

any help would be helpful:ahh:

go to the IFI web site
Go to the operator interface page and down load the
manual. I has all the pinouts for the connector.


What wires did you strip? the joystick?

The above mentioned pinout (which would be on IFI’s website) will tell you which pins in the serial connector do what. You could make some sort of adapter.

the way switches work is that they have a common, NO, and NC terminals. You probably need to connect the common and NO terminals to the joystick cable wiring.

On the internal joystick cable, the common wire is green, the trigger switch wire is black, and the top switch wire is brown.

at least that’s what I figured out a couple days ago. Please double check with the pinout as suggest in the previous post, and look at this thread

also I don’t quite understand why more people don’t put the wire color in their otherwise very helpful joystick wiring diagrams :slight_smile:

Top is pin 7. Trigger is pin 2. Aux switch 1 is pin 10. Ground is on pins 4 and 12. The OI reference document from IFI tells you all this and more.

A switch is registered in the code as “pressed” (a value of 1) when the associated pin is connected to ground.

For your switches, connect the “common” contact to ground, and each of the “normally open” contacts to the proper pin.