Malfunctioning Motor

On our robot, we have two motors connected to a gearbox, which is connected to a piece that is supposed to kick the ball. This is the program that is supposed to move the kicker (and the arm, which collects the ball and is functioning well). The kicker moves forward, but it isn’t moving back at all. Does anyone know what is wrong?

I forgot to post a picture of the code. Here it is.

When the button is pressed, the corresponding jaguar’s light does not indicate that it is receiving a signal.

We solved it.

It is probably because you are calling multiple instances of the Robot Drive. Leave that for your drive wheels and your drive wheels only. They tend to interfere with one another when you call several of them. Search for the Motor function (it should be either RobotDrive > Advanced or under Actuators, I don’t have it in front of me at the moment). With this, you can call out individual motors and you can assign them the way you want with the Motor Set vi.

It looks like when you press button 2, you are only sending a value of 0.1 to the kicker motor. That’s a pretty small value.

But you said you solved it. Was that what it was?