Malfunctioning REV Robotics Servo Power Module

Team 3146 here. Our robot is designed to have four servos for various functions. We got two of these REV Robotics modules for our robot and practice bot. Both are faulty, and sent the wrong voltages, causing the (fully functional otherwise) servos to shut down. We contacted REV and they acknowledged a small percentage of their hardware had this known fault and they sent us two new ones. Again, they were faulty. We’ve seen the incorrect signals on an oscilloscope and we know the servos are working just fine otherwise. Four out of four of these modules don’t work, and quite frankly we’re frustrated and don’t know what to do.

Have any of you experienced similar issues? Does anyone in the Northern Connecticut area have a working module? Thanks.

Hi, I was working with one of your mentors through email last night and we figured out that the issue was that the Servo Power Module was connected to the VRM for power instead of the PDP. It sounded like things were working properly after that was fixed.

For the community: The VRM can only supply up to 2A of current, so the high-powered servos were browning it out. It is recommended that the SPM be plugged into the PDP with a 20A breaker installed.

Good luck with Bag Day!


Reading electrical specs is important just like the game rules. Not reading specs can lead to lot of headache and sometimes magic smoke.

If you having issue with parts from FRC part suppliers like CTRE, Rev Robotics etc, please contact them, they fully understand FRC teams and can provide timely help. And yes of course CD community will help too.