Managing Vendor Libraries



I’m getting the following message when I try to install third party libraries using VS and the WPI tool

No dependencies installed

Happens when I try online or offline

Using Windows 10


What libraries are you trying to install? If you want vendor libraries, you have to follow their instructions to install them in a location where the vscode tool can find them. Both kauais and CTREs docs show how to do this with their libraries.


I was able to get the libraries for CTRE and kauais installed for Windows. On a Mac, I was able to get kauais by doing it online, CTRE does not have any instructions. I did download the .zip file and placed it in the frc2019 folder; however, I get the no dependencies message.


Figured out CTRE on the MAC by looking at a Windows PC.

Copy or create a vendordeps folder under the frc2019 folder with the Phoenix.json file in it.


Sorry - forgot to say thanks for replying!