Manchester Kickoff Pics

The kickoff I was at didn’t have any of the parts of the field. Were there any teams that saw the real field that would be willing to post their pictures or videos?
I know there is all the official drawings and such, but I’m curious about what things looked like at the real one!
Thanks, happy build season.

Here are the official field tour videos from FIRST:

Saint Cloud (MN) never has access to the field elements.

Typically the St Cloud Kick-off is not well attended and there is no break-out sessions so this year FRC 4607 CIS hosted our 2nd annual Pancake Kick-off and we brought in 3 other teams (Elk River 3023, Monticello 4632, and a rookie team from Buffalo 5542). The other three teams left around 2pm after we had a few break out sessions. At that point our team was able to concentrate on our own strategy sessions.

Does other Kick-off events have access to field elements?

Here are some photos I took on the Manchester field:

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Right-click and “Save As” to get the high resolution image.

Here is a video of the tote delivery system in action:](