Manchester Kickoff Workshops

The Manchester workshops have been announced.

Several TBA’s plus interesting to note, a workshop on accelerometers.

They are going to talk about motors but workshops in the past have not specified that the motors discussed sre in the new KOP.

Any idea if the presentations will be posted online in a timely manner?

I can’t get anyone on the team to leave warm South Florida to go to Manchester in January.

Go figure.

So…any ideas on the TBA time slots?

The last agenda I saw had “Proper Techniques For Clown Inflation” in the 10:00-12:00 slot, being presented by Ken Krieger.

Is that before or after “How to stack 55-gallon drums”?

What about all the Hex donuts i am making? :slight_smile:

“Experienced FRC coaches will guide you through the 6-week build season in 8 short, fun-filled hours. We will share our experiences with team organization, basic chassis and transmission design, controls, and designing to solve a problem. Be prepared to work cooperatively and spend lots of time building! The day will end with a friendly competition.”

^ that sounds fun. i wish if i could attend.