Manchester, NH and IT

The Segway is not as revolutionary as what it had been hyped, but is still has a place nonetheless. In warm climates with crowded streets. Places such as Taiwan, where motor scooters outnumber cars and greatly pollute the air, benefit the most from Dean’s new device.

Americans love to drive their cars, listen to the radio and shop on the way home. Will we develop the same love affair with the Segway?

Being from Michigan, I also have to wonder about the weather. Somewhat ironic for me to imagine all of us FIRSTers traveling back to the airport after kickoff with our 70 lb crates in tow up the snow covered hills of Manchester!

Wel, in my part of Florida we have to think about bridges. You aren’t allowed to walk across or ride a bike across. And it would be suiced to ride a Segway across, no one here ties stuff down on the back of thier pick ups so things fly off all the time. Florida also has major down pours. Not fun to be on a scooter durring one of those, it would sting too bad.

Here in NYC we face a different problem: we don’t have the space to store an “IT”. The apartments here are not designed for devices such as a Segway (its hard enough to try to keep a bike). Besides if you were to go shopping how would you lock it up (stores don’t like people riding on things). Dean thanks; but how about a new type of subway or a smaller sized Segway for your urban friends.:slight_smile:

There are certain places where you will immediately be able to use the segway (such as on college campuses or in Taiwan as Dave suggested), and others where it is presently not very realistic. However, this is a long-term invention… When it comes time to redesign things like bridges and reconstruct things, many will be built to support segways. They will do so because they see it successful in other cities. They will do so because these things will eventually sell for less than $3000. Cars cost $20000 and require more than $1000 in gas and maintenence per year. These are not toys for the rich. If families choose to own a couple segways and a single car for long trips, they will save big money.

Even if it doesn’t work out ideally, it’s still a step in the right direction.