Manchester Regional "Photo Finish"

There has been a lot of “controversy” over the true outcome of the last match of the Manchester regional. The final score of the match shown at the competition was 84-77 in favor of the blue alliance over the red alliance. I am happy to say that this score is completely correct. With this video I edited in slow motion

It is clear to see that the mini bot order is 1519 for blue, followed by 40 for red, followed by 175 for blue, and 20 last by a fraction of a second!

So congrats to the winning alliance of 1519, 176, and 175 it was quite a final and thanks to our alliance partners 40 and 131 for picking us. And nice job to the refs/field tech people for getting this right!

When the match first ended, I didn’t even think there would be a question about it. 1519 was already coming back down the pole by the time 40’s minibot was 3/4 up the pole. Of course, I had the best view of it in the house. I just think with different points of view, it may seem alot closer than it actually was. Great video though, it shows the finish perfectly.

On behalf of team 131, I would like to thank team 40 and team 20 for partnering up with us for the elimination run. As always, both teams are class acts and a joy to compete with/against. Also, congrats to Buzz, Mayhem, and Aces for the victory. They had nearly flawless final matches and deserved every bit of the gold medal.

This truly was an exciting photo finish and just shows the quality and depth of teams at this event. Great job by all teams in the finals to make the last match this close and exciting!


Although I was concerned about the referees having to call the minibot race visually, the view from the side was much easier than I expected. When we were ready to que onto the field and watching 2 minibots go up before our match it was easy to tell who made it first as they both are in your line of sight and you can focus on them both. From behind the glass they distance between the two is tricky as sometimes I didn’t think our minibot made it up first.

Kudos to the referees on calling this one perfectly!

These finals matches were so intense, I keep looking back at them especially the second because of how close it actually was. It was great working with 1519 and 176 and we couldn’t have had better competitors in the finals than 131, 40 and 20. It was funny how we started our first match with 131 not knowing it would come down to our alliances in the finals!

Also, this minibot race ended with about 6 seconds left on the clock, which would constitute an early finish to the match. Does anyone know if this is the only such occurance so far this year?

I’m sure there will be more… As the GSR elims showed, the minibot race will be an important part of Logomotion!

The best part was that in the first match that we played together and the last match we played against each other it was your mini-bot that made the difference!

You folks were great, it was a pleasure to play with you as well as play against you!