Mandarin for Set VS Code Java Home to FRC Home

One of the commands on the Visual Studio Code menu is WPILib: Set VS Code Java Home to FRC Home. We installed the WPILib software on the computer for one of our Chinese international students. Therefore all of the menu options in Visual Studio are in Mandarin (Chinese). Our student was not able to figure out which menu option translated to “Set VS Code Java Home to FRC Home.” Can anyone help?

This should be the translation list. Look at the setJavaHome command.

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@tomjwinter Do you mind asking your student what they expect the translation to be so we can improve the translation for others?

Thanks, very much! I will ask him tonight.

@AustinShalit Thanks for your help! Our student says the current menu option translates to “Set Java Environment”. For a student new to programming, this does not seem very much like “Set VS Code Java Home to FRC Home”. His suggestion is: 设置VS Code Java环境至FRC环境

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