Manifold screws

Does anyone know where we can get replacements for those long screws that attach the solenoid to the manifold? It doesn’t appear that VEX Pro sells them individually.

You have a nonspecific location in your info, so:

– try your local hardware store. Mine, Action Hardware in Wilmington, has a wall of almost every screw/nut that you want. They carry fractional and metric screws in a vast array. Not large quantities, but if you need two, they have them.

– Your local Fastenal Store – Fastenal has a huge selection, downside is that they don’t let you browse, but if you have the specs (or the screw) they will match it.

– Likewise if you are close to a McMaster Carr – they will most likely have one.

Both McMaster and Fastenal have great mail order/internet order service.

(I’m assuming that since this is late in build, you NEED ONE NOW, so tried to give you ideas of places to get one today.)

Good luck!

These screws are M2x21.


If I recall correctly, they also have some kind of reduced-diameter head, possibly pan head instead of button, to nest into small pockets on the solenoid body properly. Standard heads I’ve gotten from hardware stores “sorta” fit right and I’ve done it before, but it never feels right, especially around pneumatic components.

In the past I’ve contacted SMC directly when needing replacement parts for their products. They referred me to one of their authorized reseller’s who had what I needed in stock. It’s been a few years since I’ve done this, it took about a week to get what I needed delivered.

Kudos for not losing the gasket.

Exactly what I needed. Thanks!