Manning Robotics | Week 3 Timelapse 2016

This week we have been prioritizing on our shooting and grabbing mechanism. And honestly, we are pretty proud of the result! We’ve also finished, and successfully tested the rest of the defenses, minus the portcullis, drawbridge and sally port. We also have a working Autonomous system, and look forward to testing it on the new wheels that just arrived. And as always, drivers training.

Week 3 Timelapse:

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If 2:02 is people building a stacked electronics board–> (Suggestion) You want to make sure that you will be able to replace a part on one of the lower levels. Also make sure that you are able to see all status lights for debugging.

They are in fact building a stacked electrical board. The plan is that the whole system is going to have plugs in each wire so that if a part needs to be replaced, then its just a matter of seconds to get it out. Also the levels will be able to slide out giving fast access to lower levels. For the lights, the majority of the box is being made out of plexy-glass so that you can see in.