Manoel, Team #383, and Sleepless in Seattle


It is good to hear from you. Ask Ronal about my most recent email and my plan to bring 383 to Phoenix. I would not worry about not being invited to Seattle. I am 99% sure that there is more than enough room for everyone who wants to come to Seattle (I would guess that there is room for at least 50 teams).All the Gila Monsters are looking forward to seeing the Brazilians soon.

Your Friend,

Ken Loyd

Mr. Loyd,

It’s always good to hear from the Gila Monsters. Someone mentioned your e-mail to me this past week, so I’ll ask Ronal for more details about it on Monday. I think, as well as some other team members, that there will be spots available on the Seattle Regional. The hope that there would be more spots turned into a more serious thought when the date to the regional changed to the same week an San Jose’s Regional. We can’t wait to see your team, maybe in Mesa too? :slight_smile:

Thanks for this message,