Manual joystick operation while in autonomous mode (Eclipse)

We would like to be able to use manual control (via joystick) while in autonomous mode.
The intent would be to use autonomous mode to get close but be able to overide and use a camera and manual manipulation of the robot to access objects (plate and ball).

The problem we are encountering:

  1. During the init phase we can read the joystick positions.
  2. While in the teleop phase we can read the joystick position and manipulate the robot accordingly.
  3. During autonomous we attempt to read the joystick - it is ignored. Using an output statement within autonomous the original value obtained during init is printed out.

Is there some part of the robot template (FRC iterative robot) that prevents reading of the joystick during autonomous? Is there a workaround? Is it legal?

We have been reluctant up to this point to switch over to the Microsoft VS platform. Is this what we need to do to allow a manual overide during autonomous?

What locks out the joysticks is in the RoboRio image. You have to update to the 2019 image to both have joystick input in “autonomous” mode and be legal to compete this year. See the Screensteps getting started documentation for a walkthrough of installing everything for 2019.

Thanks for the quick response. Will attempt this afternoon.