Manual mechanical configurations

So we don’t have the resources to build a turret this year. What we do have is the ability to manually unbolt, rotate, and re-bolt the launcher in a different orientation quickly.

I know we can have multiple configurations, but if we’re in the queue/on-deck and make a last minute decision to rotate the launcher will we be flagged?

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Depends how you are bolting/unbolting. Just show off the process to your RI/LRI, the can clear you for the different positions.

You’re not changing parts, so you don’t need to be reinspected at the time you make the move.

But you should show the inspector all the configurations you might play in, so that your Starting Configuration can be verified for all of them.

And don’t delay getting onto the field as you’re making a change.

So far I know the different configs are ok once inspected.
I guess my question is more on if we’re unbolting/bolting something back together, how do the people around the arena know we’ve already been inspected for the config we’re changing to since the inspectors are not right there? Or is it just called out if it looks suspicious?

I’m asking because we’ve been in more than one match were the alliance plan changes in the queue.

(The change is fast and we would probably put a hard stop to when the decision has to be made like the next match begins)

from my experience with this as long as you get inspected in all configurations you’re good

The worst that would happen is the other alliance talks to the head ref about it, who then calls the LRI to ask about it, and it all gets sorted out from there. Personally, I’m going to ask all my inspectors to let me know of any teams that have multiple configurations, just so I know what’s going on if the question comes up… it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure your LRI knows as well, in addition to whomever inspects your robot.

Also maximum extension beyond the frame perimeter if that’s applicable.

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