Manual, Updates, and Q&A

Folks, I would like to remind everybody reading this that the Manual is not a static document.

The Manual is updated on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you look at, the third link down is for Team Updates. This document shows all the changes to the rules since the start of the season (or, more to the point, since the Manual was released). You’ll also notice that everything has an “Updated” date; as of this writing, that date is Jan. 9 for the Game Manual and Team Updates and Jan. 6 for the Administrative Manual. Neither of those dates is January 3 (Kickoff), you’ll note.

Also, the official Q&A]( is constantly answering questions. It might be a little quirky to navigate, but MANY questions are answered there–including the answers to some questions I saw on CD today, including such items as “hey, this dimension doesn’t match up between parts of the Manual” (taken care of yesterday…)

As a reminder, NOTHING you see on Chief Delphi is an official interpretation of the rules, Q&A, or any related items. If it is official, it will be in the Manual (updated Manual, I might add) or on Q&A.

On a related note, I’ve been impressed with how quickly questions are being answered on the Q&A. Well done!

Do we need to use a specific email to access the Q&A because I am still waiting for verification on the account I created.

Your team’s Main or Alternate Contact has access to your team’s login info in TIMS. Your account can be approved after logging in with that info, but the specific team account needs to be used to ask questions.

Alright thank you, I wasn’t aware of that.