Manufactured Landscapes - Edward Burtynsky

Today I participated in a discussion which in a nutshell contemplated the replacement of some robot components based upon the sole reasoning that they may have been damaged from being hooked up incorrectly. Despite operating with no indication of damage, it was suggested that the team toss the components and buy new ones.

This discussion got me thinking about a video I watched recently which I feel everyone who has ever purchased a manufactured product should see.

Manufactured Landscapes is a film by photographer Edward Burtynsky where he endeavors to show the connection that our actions have around the world. We rarely stop to think about where the products we use in our daily lives come from, nor do we ever stop to think what happens to them when we throw them away.

I emplore everyone to take a look at the following 1 hour and 26 minute video. It is something everybody who has ever purchased a manufactured product should watch.

I’ll warn you though, I had trouble sleeping after seeing it.

Introduction by television show “The Hour” -

Full film -