Manufacturing Chickens?

Um… I saw this video and I don’t really don’t know what they are doing here or why these chicks are on an assembly line. Can anyone explain this? What happens to the chickens that they pick up and toss into a chute? are they not satisfactory chickens? I never new they hatched chickens like this.

Chicken Producing Factory?

I guess that’s where the chicken you eat for dinner comes from. Really sad how they treat them, like any other assembly line product. I find myself marveling at the frightening efficiency of it all, from the artificial cracking of the eggs to the eggshell/chick separator. Still, I don’t like it.

I wonder if their counter ( ~1:45 of the video) works better than the poof-ball counter?

They didn’t show what happens next. Many chicks used to be mailed - yup, USPS - to the farms where they were to grow up into drumsticks. I used to work in bulk mail, and when I took our mailings to the post office there would at times be a pallet on the loading dock making cheeping noises.

I presume that now delivery services like FedEx (gotta support the sponsors!) have taken much of that market.

My guess would be that they are separating the chicks by gender.

That’s horrible! Does PETA know about this?

People Eating Tasty Animals? I am sure they know :smiley:

that’s not nice

That’s So Wrong - Now you know where Chinese Food comes from and what ever Fast Food places also serve up chicken meals in under 5 - 10 minutes.

As A side not I rather trust and eat the Hispanic Food at least you can gurantee somewhat that it’s fresh killed on site =).

Unfortunately we have to live with the knowledge that someday, our great creations might in one way or another become the tools of evil, just like this chicken assembly line. Whether they are intended to make everyday life easier or save the world, it is important realize all the potential applications for what you make before you send it off into the world without at concern.


Haha, well, we know now where UPS got their processing ideas from…