MANY questions about championships in Houston. Please help

This is our team’s first year going to the world competition in Houston, Texas, does anyone have video or pictures of the pit and field setup from previous years? What the walk time would be from one corner of the pits to the opposite corner to that field (I’ve heard 20 minutes)? How many trips we can make to bring in our pit/robot? how many matches are played?

I cant speak for 2018 specifically, but in 2017 it wasnt 20 minutes, more like 5-10 (which was a bit of a walk in itself still, so bring comfy shoes.)

Heres how it looked in 2018:

And a better map of the pit layout:

Your robot will be in a crate when you arrive. It will either be in a walkway or in your pit already, depending on when you arrive. I think you have to fill out a form before opening the crate (dont quote me though) and from there you can access what you put into the crate, such as your bot/bumpers/battery. As for pit stuff you brought outside of the crate, im not totally sure offhand.

It should be around 10 before eliminations. Since there are 65-70ish teams, there will be around 100-120 matches total.

Load in is through some of the loading bays (the diagonal things above “Hall C” and “Hall D” at the top of the map MikLast provided. I seem to recall that the floor from inside the loading bays to the pits, in the pits and out to the fields was totally flat without any cable protectors or other major obstacles to carts with small wheels.

There are rules on who can access the pit early to load in. Usually 5 people (with their safety glasses on!) and no setup, just carry it in and drop. Sometimes you can do whatever you like for a few hours, including gettinginspected. The robot will be there in its crate, bring tools to open and empty the crate. BUT rules change: read them for what happens this year.

You will have plenty of time after the initial load-in (i.e., the next day) with the whole team to set up and organize. There will be a lot of walking (no running!) but it is bearable. Don’t fear, it all works out.

And, for the sake of all that is holy, get your badges as early as you possibly can and KEEP YOUR BADGES WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON-SITE. Volunteers get grumpy when you don’t have badging and you’re trying to get access to the venue. Your anger at being denied because you lack the ability to keep your badge with you is their fuel.

We played on Carver last year. The walk from the pit is not bad at all. The layout is pretty nice, probably a shorter walk from the pit compared to our previous trip in 2015. Maybe 5 minutes to walk with the robot to queue? Never had an issue getting there on time. We also walked everywhere in Houston - hotel nearby, restaurants, etc. Wear comfortable shoes.

One big difference would be practice matches. At regionals, we have a whole afternoon and can fill. At Championships, you’ll get to unbag the robot after pit load in, get through inspection, and will have one practice match scheduled. If you’re wanting to get on the field to test connection, etc. watch the time carefully. You won’t be able to fill in the practice matches. Up side is that the practice field facilities are quite nice, though often crowded.

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