Many Thanks from 2530

After this weekend in Milwaukee, I believe a good round of thanks are necessary. In no particular order:

David (Cook?) from The Green Machine, #1816 (And the rest of the team as well): For helping us out with coding on more than one occasion, both with trying to change ours and helping write new code when ours decided to break for some reason. Without your help, we certainly never would’ve done as well as we did.

CooneyTech Robotics, #269 and Charger Robotics, #537: For being our alliance partners; though we didn’t get past the first round it was still a great time.

Whoever broke our arms off in the first practice round, and also whoever broke our replacement arms off in the second round: We honestly did much better operating as a sprinter than we would have had we tried to replace and use the arms and pole we had. Thanks for unintentionally helping us realize this.

And lastly, everyone at the competition, for making those few days both the best and most educational days of my life, as well as many, if not all, of my team members’ lives. Thank you all for making our rookie year great and showing us all what FIRST is really about.

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad I could help out!