Many thanks to Teams 1058, 1768, and 5563

Team 5969 would like to thank Team 1058 and Team 1768 for selecting us to be on their alliance. We would also like to thank Team 5563 for backing us up! =)

For a rookie team, this has been a great experience, and we have y’all to thank for that! Best of luck in Connecticut!

Use that experience as a rookie this year and keep getting better for next year!

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Congratulations. It was a pleasure to play against your alliance (never you specifically as it turned out).

Any time! You guys did fantastic for a rookie team and should be very proud. Take your lessons learned and apply them next year and you’ll be even better. Looking forward to competing with you again in the future! Shoot me a message if you ever need anything!
-Mike, 1058 Drive Coach

You’re welcome! It’s a shame that you had technical issues, but I can assure you that we’ve all been there before. You’ve had a solid first year and I wish you the very best in the future!
-1768 Team Captain / Drive Coach