Many Workbench Problems

Our team is having trouble making a .out file that can be run on the CRIO using Workbench. We can currently make an example project like 2010 Image Demo, which will generate a .out file, and when downloaded, will show that the robot has “Robot Code” on the dashboard.

However, when we generate a new project from scratch by choosing the “Vxworks Downloadable Kernel Module Project” It does not work automatically. We did try a few things though:

When we first made our project, we chose PPC603gnu as the active build spec, and we chose to use the Linker. We copied the include directories from a sample project, as well as the libraryfile. However, when we built our project, and it generates a .out file, it does not run on the cRIO, and instead, it shows “No Robot Code”.

We just made it work by copying the project files (.WRPROJECT, .WRMAKEFILE, .CPROJECT, and .PROJECT) from a sample project into our project, but the outfile still carries the name of the sample project, not the project they are in.

Can anyone help us on how to make a Downloadable Kernel Module Project from scratch, and how to make it run on the cRIO?

Also, we would like to know how to use the 2010 WPIlib source code from on the FIRST website in our project rather than to use only the WPIlib .h files included within the Workbench distribution.

Why is not sufficient to add files to and/or edit existing files in a working sample project?
You can drag-n-drop source files, from an explorer window, into an existing open Workbench project. You should not copy files into a Workbench project directory using just Windows explorer.