Map: FRC in Richmond, Virginia

I made a map showing the existing and defunct FRC teams of Richmond, Virginia and its metropolitan area using and old CD profile information. If I’ve left any out, please let me know. I would be really interested to see what everyone else’s cities look like!

Here’s a continental US map for the 2012 teams…

If you want to get more specific, I believe Mark McLeod generated an interactive version of North America.

Matt’s map focuses not only on active teams, but also defunct teams focused in a given region. I imagine this kind of data would be a great use for a long established veteran team in an area to try to regrow said area’s footprint, especially when it is likely on the precipice of shifting away from traditional event structure (which in Michigan has been a contributing factor to a deluge of new teams). It would be good to know whether or not there is FIRST history in a community that does not have an active FRC team that could possibly support one now, and a map like this makes such information readily available when targeting new/old areas for growth. For instance, I have followed FIRST for 7 years in the Richmond, VA area and had no idea some high schools listed ever supported an FRC team.

While a map like this could easily be considered a bit of a niche, it still presents data unique to both your .gif and Mark’s interactive map. This thread will just suffer from the climate of the general forum during build season and plummet, while it might create interesting discussion during the lull that happens before CMP.

How about a nice time-lapse?

Here are some Richmond area teams you missed. There may be others, I didn’t check that closely.
Some high schools have had multiple team numbers over the years, which is interesting as you v=can see which ones went away, then returned.
The year is the last year they played.

  • *Richmond, VA / *
    *413 / **2000 / *37.664459,-77.410022 / *NASA Langley Research Center/ VCU/ Boy Scouts of America & Atlee High School * - *Richmond, VA / *
    *416 / **2006 / *37.552451,-77.40338 / GE College Bound Program & Armstrong High School - *Highland Springs, VA / *
    *510 / **2007 / *37.539337,-77.323794 / Qimonda, Richmond / CapTech / Henrico Education Foundation / CAPER & Highland Springs Technical Center - *Richmond, VA / *
    *1172 / **2008 / 37.579045,-77.469734 / SMC Corporation & Richmond Technical Center - Richmond, VA
    / 1530 /2005 / 37.571601,-77.486188 / Thomas Jefferson
    ]*Richmond, VA / **1545 / **2005 / *37.602491,-77.557905 / Verizon & Douglas Southall Freeman High School

Wow! Thanks Mark, I have updated the map accordingly. It is really interesting to see which teams have reformed since folding.

From what I understand, most of these teams folded due to a lack of a faculty sponsor.