Map of Championship Teams

Got bored. Made a map.

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Neat, but my team is missing.

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My team and 3647 are also missing oddly enough :rofl:

I think it’s for Houston CMP.

My team is also missing lol. Super cool though, must have taken a long time

its for both, you just have to check off “Detroit Champs” on the left side to switch the view.

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It uses the city so some are piled up on top of each other.
For example: Minneapolis has 3630 on top of 2500 and 2549

I also assume it only uses teams registered for Detroit and that’s still ongoing.

Alright that makes sense. I could see the team from the same area as us, so the pins are just stacked on each other so I couldn’t see the one underneath

Actually pretty easy: how I did it

If any teams are missing, sorry. It was just a quick copy-paste from

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Hi! Is there a way to turn off the veteran teams? I’m working on a Rookie project and would love to use your map of the rookie teams going to Detroit in it.

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