Mapping FIRST Teams

I was inspired by this map to create a very accurate map of teams, regionals, off-season events, and major sponsors. I created tables on FIRSTwiki where teams can enter their information, which will later be put together onto a map. Feel free to enter information here for any team that you know about. Hopefully, this will allow for more accurate team locations. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback!

I’ve also put this together as a resource for Michigan teams

Good idea. I’ve added data for 931 and the St. Louis regional. I see someone has also added data for 45, 1760, Boilermaker, and IRI. Let’s keep this pace up. :slight_smile:

1293 D5 Robotics has been added.

I added 0499 and decided to research the Lone Star regional a bit to update the data.

Using the 0057, Leopards, team website it appears that the Lone Star regional was officially established in 2000. However, there had been a regional held in Houston in 1998? It was called the Southwest Regional. Lucia, Kevin, Lucien or any of the legacy teams from Texas such as the Robowranglers … help me out with this and I will update the wiki. I will also need a ruling on what to do as the Lone Star re-established a regional in Houston but under a different name?


2230 from israel added

The Chairman’s Winner section, is that referring to a regional win or championship win?

I was intending for it to be Regional Chairman’s win. Would you also like Championship awards?

Doesn’t matter to me, I was just wondering because my own team has won a regional CA a few times but never a championship CA. So I wasn’t sure if we would get a Y or a -

Team 159 had a map up on their website a while ago where teams could add themselves, it was a google map/google earth type thing, it eas really cool as i remember it, maybe we could find taht link,

only thing, it doesn’t show that shaded region like that other FIRST map did

but it does show regional events in blue, teams in red, and if im correct off season events or sponcers in yellow?

I was thinking of Regional Chairman’s, because I can look up all the teams for Championship CA.

Could you add a table for dormant or extinct teams? I think that could be interesting historical information to see mapped out.

Added. Good idea!

I found this old thread from 05 if you want to compare the maps…

You’re planning to make a global map of FIRST teams, right? If so, when are we expecting to see it?

I plan on making it in stages. First I will make one for the teams attending the VCU Regional. Then I hope to make one for Israel, Brazil, and Canada (because they have fewer teams than the US). Hopefully by then many more teams would have been added and I can make a global map.

Thanks to everyone who has added teams!!

I challenge everyone else to add your team plus a couple teams in your area.

Fine by me. :smiley:

Someone should make a kml file for google earth that uses this table to plot the location of all the teams

Does anyone know the location of team 1172? I have not been able to find their website, school name, or address. They competed in the VCU Regional. Thanks.


1172 should be from Richmond. The First site lists teams from Va. (under "what teams are from this state "in the "whats going on in my area " link)and they are listed as from Richmond.