Maps for FLL and not just FRC?

I am enjoying seeing the maps being posted for the FIRST robotics teams. Are there maps for FIRST Lego Leagues anywhere? I am always being asked if I know of any local FLL teams but don’t know where to tell people to check.

Well, I found this:

But there isn’t anything there. Wait until after the FLL season and I’m sure everything will be there.
I think FIRST is re-doing the FLL database. I know my team had to completely re-register and everything.

This will be a great resource when completed.

I went to this link to see the FLL teams. I am interested to know what local FRC teams mentor an FLL team in my area so that I may go to a competition with them before thinking about having my team try and start one next year or year after. I found dates and locations for events, and a list of FLL team names, but no locations of the school or what FRC team mentors them. Does anyone know how to find this information yet? Thanks.

That would be a great point to bring up with FIRST. Let me email the FLL contact at FIRST and see if they response. We’re in the middle of FLL season so I may not see an answer for a while. :slight_smile:

SPAM sponsors / mentors several FLL teams - our goal is to have at least one team in every elementary and middle school in the county and we’re getting closer each year; we also sponsor and mentor 2 homeschool teams. We pay their registration, build a field table for them (only needs to be done once) and have 1-2 veteran high school students assigned to each team as mentors. We also host the Treasure Coast FLL tournament which was this past weekend (sorry you missed it, it was great). You can contact Tiffany34990, Adare180, or Spammy Badame on CD for more details - they were all FLL mentors this year.

Also Roccobots (team 233, “Think Pink”) hosts the state tournament and aren’t too far from you