[MAR] AP Physics Teacher

Our fantastic AP Physics teacher has decided to leave NJ and move out to West Chester, PA to be with his fiancee. Imagine that, leaving the chaos of Northern NJ.

If any of your public schools within an hour commute of West Chester is looking for an amazing AP Physics teacher (he has also taught all levels including inclusion), despite the fact that we don’t want him to leave and have desperately tried to bribe him with Twizzlers and M&M’s, he is moving and looking for a Physics position in PA. Please PM me and I will forward him the info. He seems to be striking out because he has only been teaching 3 years and they tell him they are looking for more seasoned teachers that have their master’s degree or permanent PA certification already.

Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, PA is going through a shift in our math/physics departments this year because our head of the math department is retiring this year. I honestly have no idea if they are looking for another physics teacher, but this is as good of a time to apply as any. I’m sure we could put in a good word too knowing what team he is coming from. We are on the farther side of an hour away (about 45 mins) but still within a reasonable driving distance.