MAR Area Scrimmage/Practice Fields

Does anyone know if any MAR teams will host a scrimmage or open field day for 2013? I know team 41 did last season.

Would any teams in or around the Philly area be interested in housing a communal practice field? Do any teams already currently have this?

If you’re a MAR team, please shoot me a PM about this if you are interested. I’m trying to have a practice location picked out and get a group of teams together to fund and build a full size wooden field.

Akash Rastogi
3929 Mentor


If contributors allow, please publish the list you come up with. We have a field now that we’d love to offer, but we can’t yet guarantee we’ll still be there at the end of build season.

Will do, Siri! If you could, keep us posted on your work space situation as the season gets closer. A field so close to Philly would be amazing to share.

Talk with 1218.

I cannot promise anything, but we will certainly be looking into hosting this again. I think it was a great asset to many teams, including ourselves.


Thanks for the heads up Garrett, keep us posted please.

If teams in the area are hosting a scrimmage or want to attend a scrimmage, please post up in this thread. Team 41 is most likely hosting one on Feb 16 or 17th and is looking for a list of interested teams. Please reply in the thread!

Saw that on my facebook feed linking to this thread. I know of at least one team in the relative area that would like to go to something like that, team 694.

I’m sure that 1370 will be interested this year if some other team is willing to host an open scrimmage.

We can’t host a scrimmage, but can have one (maybe two) team at a time down to our practice field. We’ve got a welded pyramid*, high, middle, low and pyramid goal (team drawings), and feeder station (team drawings with correct slides), all on approximately the correct carpet.

We usually run on a half-field setup, but for the last weekend we’re planning on expanding to full court and walling it in. (if we’re ready in time!)

PM me if you’d like to come. We’re in Eagle (Exton), PA, right off exit 312 of the PA Turnpike.

*Note we undersized it by 4" horizontally, but all horizontal rung heights and all angles are correct. It’s conduit with the appropriate OD. The pyramid goal has chains and is the official interior size (team drawings), movable on top to square it with whatever pyramid surface you’ll be climbing up.

Garrett from 41 shot me a PM saying that there should be announcement out soon to MAR teams for their scrimmage. Feb. 16 AND 17.

I’ll keep this thread updated.

Oooooh, sounds like fun! Hopefully we can attend.

Here’s the official email from MAR…

12:21 PM

MAR FRC Teams - Come one . . . Come all . . . see the attached great opprtunity that MAR NJ FRC Team #41 is offering your team on Saturday and Sunday, February 16th and 17th . . . and there is NO fee - IT’S FREE! Be there! Register today!

Safety always first at FIRST . . . hope the BUILD phase of the 2013 FRC season is going well for your team . . . and a fun suggestion - if you plan to have your robot climb the tower, attached a fast opening, low altitude parachute on your bot!

Best wishes and Good Luck to your team . . . Go Team!

Donald H. Bowers, Regional Director
DE-Eastern PA- NJ
FIRST and Mid-Atlantic Robotics

Well, looks like our team needs to light a fire under it … Of course, that’s to keep us warm during this weekend’s “significant snow event”:ahh: :yikes:

We will be there if our robot is done on time…

(Which has happened exactly once in the history of our team, but here’s hoping)

The same will probably go for us.

How would one go about registering for the event

Attached is the flyer for our scrimmage, spread it around! Last year we had 9 teams show up and it was a blast. This year we have the field available for two days (Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th). I hope to have as many teams as we can.
Let me know if you have any questions,
Jim Giacchi

Team41-PreSeasonFlyer.pdf (300 KB)

Team41-PreSeasonFlyer.pdf (300 KB)

Thank you Jim and Team 41!

We will be there again this year, even though the robot won’t be done…