MAR Bridgewater 2014

Thank you to all of the MAR Executives, our hosts, and the multitude of volunteers that made our weekend something special.

Congratulations to the winning alliance of 293, 193 and 4361. Didn’t ever think I’d see a 2 v 3 alliance in a Finals pull off a win. Glad to see 293 answer the bell and lead their alliance to victory.

3314, 365 and 1089 thanks for one of the most competitive Finals matches I’ve witnessed. You made a great run.

75, congrats on another well- earned Chairman’s Award.

2607 and 1676, it’s definitely more fun on your side than playing against you. Sorry we couldn’t help you guys add another Blue Banner to your collection. Brandon was fieldside rooting for us to get 2495 qualified for the District Championships with a win. I’m sorry we couldn’t oblige, but happy to see that they’re probably in anyway.

See you all in Lehigh!

It was a fantastic event, Bridgewater Raritan High School and team 303 put on an excellent event. Thanks!

Didn’t know this was made today, but I posted the following here:

As always, FRC Team 1676 recorded full-field footage for the Qualification and Elimination Matches, Alliance Selections, and Awards Ceremony at the Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District Event this past weekend. I think we’re just missing three matches, Qualification Matches 26 and 59, and Semifinal 2-1. I would definitely recommend at least watching the first Finals match if you have the time; it’s not often you see a 2 v. 3 win in the Finals. You can find the whole playlist here:

Congrats to 193, 293, and 4361 on the win, as well as to our good friends 75 for a well-deserved Chairman’s Award. It was nice to play a little award-switcharoo with you guys between our Mt. Olive and Bridgewater Awards ;). Also, thanks to the gracious hosts 303 and all of the volunteers for holding a great event.

See everyone at Lehigh for MAR Champs next week.

Thank you, Team 1676, for recording the events! It really helps for myself and the other drivers to go back and watch their driving to see what they can improve on in future matches. The Bridgewater-Raritan event was really well-done and I can’t wait to see you all at regionals!

No problem; we’re glad it’s able to be of use! We plan on recording the Qualification and Elimination Matches, Alliance Selections, and Award Ceremonies at MAR Champs as well. :smiley:

(If for some reason, anyone wants us to record anything else as well, like the Opening Ceremonies, just let us know!)