MAR Clifton

1626 would like to take this opportunity to thank the MAR executives, Event Organizers, Referees, Judges and the multitude of Volunteers for putting on a tremendous event. Their jobs are certainly not easy, especially this year, and they deserve a tremendous amount of respect and credit for the work that they do to provide us with a fantastic FIRST experience.

To our alliance partners 869 and 1257, we could not have achieved this victory without you. It was the ability to work well as a team during qualifications and in the pits that brought us together despite seemingly more “popular” picks. Trust in our data has brought us another Blue Banner and for that we owe you our thanks and gratitude. It was an absolute honor to run with you to the MAR Clifton District Championship.

To our Competitors 1989, 1302 and 4573 you guys have awesome robots and were extremely tough competitors. You are to be congratulated and should celebrate your thrilling run to the finals. We also offer our thoughts and prayers for the student injured in the pits as the event wound down. Freak accidents happen, but should be a clear reminder to all of us to keep safety uppermost in our process at all times.

To 303, we congratulate you on your well-deserved Chairman’s Award and again thank you for the kind invitation to visit your practice facility to make our final preparations for this event. We hope that our program can “grow-up” to be like the Test Team someday.

To 1676, After five qualification matches against you, three scheduled and two replays, we know it’s clearly more fun to run with you than against you. You guys are gladiators and your program is another one we hold up to our students as a model to emulate. Class all around.

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