[MAR] On the bubble?

Looking at the recent MAR standings and a post that says the bubble is 55.

Lots of teams in the bubble area with one more week of matches to go.

How are you coping with being on the bubble?

Will you be glued to the Sunday action at Bridgewater-Raritan?

I think the bubble will be closer to about 49, if we consider the present rankings and number of teams with just one event, along with the venue capacity.

I think he was referring to the capacity of the MAR District Championships, Don. According to this MAR Blog Post, there will be 55 slots for teams to attend the MAR District Championships in 2014.

You were referring to the ‘point’ bubble, or what amount of points you think will be the minimum (or around there) needed to qualify for the MAR District Championships, which you believe will be 49 points, correct?

So careful reading, gathering facts and reaching theories has never been my strong point. I remember that MAR champs is about 55 and I remember that the average needed to get in was estimated at 55.5 pts. Lots of teams in that range, plus second event teams trying to make that.

If the bubble is 55 pts, then some worry and some don’t. Bubble at 49,lots are happy with a lock, and a different group worry. Some big guns at B/R this weekend, can they drive the point bubble up? Or do they move the bubble down?

Here’s your list of teams to root for at Bridgewater if you’re on the bubble:

Not planning to attend MAR CMP:

3rd event teams:

And then the teams already qualified by points from their 1st event:
75 (70 points)
1626 (64 points)
1403 (63 points)
869 (62 points)

You also want a highly ranked team to win Chairman’s - 75 or 1403 would seem to be likely candidates.