MAR Pre-Ship Scrimmage

Hello everyone,

Team 41, RoboWarriors will be hosting a pre-ship scrimmage this year. It is open to all teams, however we ask that you register on our website if you plan on attending. The registration form is It will be hosted 9:00am to 6:00pm on February 16th and 9:00am to 4:00pm on February 17th. I have attached our flyer to this post.

Post or PM me any questions, comments or concerns.

Team 41 Mentor

Team41-PreSeasonFlyer.pdf (304 KB)

Team41-PreSeasonFlyer.pdf (304 KB)

How long before the event should we let you know?

Is a webcast a possibility?

The more time the better, but we won’t turn anyone away. We really want to know how many teams will be there as having 40 teams will be logistically tough for us. If you register and don’t show that’s fine also (although we would love you to come). Three days should be enough time.

That is an excellent question. I know your team has done webcasts in the past. How exactly have you done webcasts? I would definitely do a webcast, but I have no clue how.

Will it be a scrimmage with matches or more of a practice?

We are hoping for full matches, 3v3 with 15 second auton and 2 minute teleop period. There won’t be a strict schedule with match numbers and matchmaking.

Last year there were a few hours were teams were on the field in different locations for calibrating cameras and testing the bridges. If teams are ready for matches, we will run them, likewise if teams want a bit of field time for small tests we can run that also.

How would you like it run? I’m open to suggestions.

You say the field is “full-size” but is it one of the official FIRST fields with the official control system, welded power coated towers, ect?

If not can you show us some pictures of it?

This will be actual MAR field used at competitions.

We will not be using FMS, but it will be wireless. It is probably important to state that everyone should bring their own wireless router as we cannot supply enough.

Also scoring will not be automatic.

Hey Garrett, could you post a list of teams who have expressed interest/signed up?

Some of us were thinking of making a trip to check out teams we will be competing with.


I tried to format it better but I just cant seem to.

If you haven’t registered and plan on coming, please do so soon.

Team Name Team Number Saturday? Sunday?
RoboWarriors 41 y y
GearHeads 102 y n
MORT Beta 193 y n
Xtreme Heat 223 y n
2 Train Robotics 395 y n
StuyPulse 694 y n
Central Blue Steel 896 y n
Cold Fusion 1279 y y
Sab-BOT-age 1640 ? ? (don’t have their email handy)
MidKnight Inventors 1923 y y
Hamilton West Robotics 2495 n y
Fighting RoboVikings 2607 n y
Mechanical Mustangs 3314 y n
The Bull Dogs 4281 n y
SRNJRambotics 4573 y y


I am unsure if I will be able to stream the event, if I manage to get it working it will be streamed at .

Field is all setup! All we need are some robots. If you did not register, feel free to stop by anyway!
I’ll post pictures of the field tomorrow.
Hope everyone is doing well with their robots.
Jim Giacchi

Will there be photos/videos taken of the Scrimmage?

Photos, definitely.

We will have a camera set up to take video. If I can’t stream it I will take video and then overnight convert it and upload to youtube. I will do my best to stream it however. I meant to test this today but I never had time between crunch time and setting up a field.

You are more than welcome to come down to take your own video.

A few of us will hopefully go down to test out our new scouting app (PISA - Now out on the Android Google Play Store), and take photos/videos as well :slight_smile:

Did this happen to be recorded? If yes, could someone direct me towards where I could find said records?

Any teams attending the scrimmage tomorrow: Can you please check and see if you have a 10-32 pneumatic fitting for 1/4" tube? 2495 is in need of this due to a delayed McMaster order. If you do, please let Brandon_L or me know.

Thank you!

Anything this size:

Doesn’t have to be straight, can be right angle.

An adapter will also do, basically anything that lest us use a cylinder with a 10-32…fitting hole?

I have raw footage on my desktop, I have not had time to parse it yet. Good news is streaming WILL work tomorrow. I hate web blocks and split VPN tunneling.

How would you like the video? If you want to bring an external hard drive (9GB) or flash drive I can copy it directly over for you. Otherwise I can upload it to youtube. I have never done this much so I’m not sure how to format it and such.

@Team 2495
I don’t know pnuematic sizing and stuff, but I know we have a large supply of pnuematic stuff and fittings. Find me (buzz cut dude usually seen near a computer) and I’ll try to get you what you need.

Well…I’m in Kansas, so a hard drive won’t exactly work…if you could upload it to YouTube, that would be appreciated. I don’t have experience with uploading large amounts of video to YouTube, so I can’t be of much service.