MAR Team Day

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post about our team’s fundraiser event.
1640 Sab-BOT-Age is holding a “Team Day” in the MAR district. We are selling tickets for Dorney Park and encouraging all team to come together July 12th 2014. I feel it would be really awesome to have an end of the year party where we were all together having fun wearing their team colors.

If you are interested please check out our web site with more info on the fundraiser:

While this is a MAR event if any other teams would like to come they are more than welcome.

Hello I just wanted to remind everyone that May 18th will be the cut of date for ordering tickets.

Remember that everyone involved in any of the robotics programs is welcome as well as their families.

And if you buy tickets and can’t make it that day they are good all season.

Thanks, and thanks for supporting our team.