[MAR] Westtown

It was fun for me to go to see the big robots play this weekend. This is the first time at the Westtown School venue in Westtown (near West Chester, PA). It’s a great location. Lots of places to park, nice outside food place on Saturday (too windy on Sunday). Sight-lines from the stands was very good and I thought the pit space was good.

It was nice to see old FRC cohorts as I wandered around the pits. Nice to see FRC Mentors again; like the amazing Joe “Drive with a Purpose” Troy. And current FRC rockstars like Libby. Best was talking to some of my VEX roboteers that are now doing FRC. As I cruised around I marveled in the different designs and construction. Lots of innovative solutions!

I watched the finals from home, it was good camera placement. Audio was great and the announcing was easy to follow. The real bonus is the realtime scoring along the bottom. This is really a fan friendly game, both in the stadium and at home.

The eliminations were awesome lots of great play. There was everything you could want. A third match tie breaker. Backup robots being called in. Close matches. Yay! And the finals matches were just as amazing with the intensity of competition.

While I was excited that my favorite team (1640 Sab-BOT-age) along with 225 (Techfire) and 1391 ( Metal Moose) won the finals, not too sure on how they did it. The alliance won the first match by 27 points. The final match was amazing and went to a 145-145 tie. They needed to go to the third tie breaker (auto points) to break the tie.

The announcement was tough on the crowd, they were very confused. The announcer needed to go into detail to explain it. And while I understand it, it wasn’t as satisfying as a clear win for the fans to follow. I think that while the tie rules move the eliminations forward, for the final matches you need to win on points.

Congrats to 1218 Vulcan Robotics on their Chairman’s win!! Your video was great, very motivational!

Shout out to The Blue Alliance! All the data! Everything is a clickable link to more details. Very easy to use, very friendly, very professional.

Very nice job Metal Moose and Sab-BOT-age on hosting the event. Well done to everyone in MAR that helped out. The district events really allow people to come see FRC robotics up close.


Thanks to 1640 and 1391 for playing with us, and also thanks for hosting a great event! We were very fortunate to pick up 1391 on the back end of the draft–they should have been picked up in the first round. They got their scaler working right before the playoffs, and that and their awesome defense saved our score several times. This was 1391’s first regular season event win.

The elimination matches were very competitive–we faced some of the best defense I have seen this year from 1712, 1218, and 484.