Thanks to the help of several Michigan team mentors, Marc has been able to lower the registration fee again to $100. You can not beat this price for an offseason FIRST event, especially with the talent of teams already attending. My concern with getting quality teams has been met and I intend to open the registration window to a first come first play format. So if you register first, you will be given a spot in the event.

It probably would be helpful to teams wishing to register if you posted more information about the event, such as when and where it is, how people can register, and a website if it exists. Or maybe I am just ill informed! :eek:


The MARC CD-Events page tells where the event is and other helpful info.

Here is the registration form.

Also here are some other threads about MARC 2007:

Hopefuly that clears things up a little.

This would be a great opportunity for some S. E. Michigan veterans to recruit pre-rookie teams. We could enlist a drive team from the people we know at schools that are not yet into FIRST, some OCCRA non-FIRSTers perhaps. Words alone can’t explain the excitement of a real competition. With this chance to experience it without having to spend a ton of money they’d be hooked.

Last year 1213 did this for Rah Cha Cha. Two mentors took the robot to Rochester and mentored the locals from Honeoye Falls. It was a pleasure working with them; they caught on fast. They seeded third at Rah Cha Cha, and I hear that their '08 team (2228) had a great regular season. We’d like to think we had a hand in that too.

Here’s how it should work. Any of our veteran teams that know a high school who has considered participating in FIRST at some time should contact that school and put together a handful of interested kids/teachers/parents to participate in the event. The veteran team will lend them their '07 robot to use, along with a few of thier own team’s students and mentors. My guess is once they do this, the school will want to participate next year. This could work with just a enough people to form a field team from the new school.

The trickier part is that school is out for the summer. Principals, however, are still around. I can also find out who the science/math teachers are from the State of Michigan’s list. Students can be contacted via facebook if someone knows a student at that school.

I am willing to help if anyone has a new school they would like to contact. There are lots of ways to skin a cat. Just call me at 248 425-4148.

I hate to see an event canceled. Remember Sweet Repeat from year before last? I think they had enough teams, but the logistics fell apart at the last minute.

It’s hard to put a drive team together this time of year. Many go away on vacation, or up north for the weekend.

I was wondering if there’d be more takers if the event were opened up to college age alums? I can think of a few from years past who’d like another shot behind the glass.