Marc ii

We have 21 teams signed up for the MARC II event in Dundee Mi. This event is Aug 15-17 in Dundee High School and there is still time to get in one last event prior to school starting.
Please go to to see the list of teams and sign up for the MARC!

It was really cool to see someone actually run a double acceptance alliance selection. I’d love to hear what the teams who participated in it thought.


Exactly what I came here to say as well. Sounds crazy, and even twice the crazy that someone actually did it.

Just found the start of the stream of it happening. This is going to be amusing.

Looks like the feed died part way through

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

@Kevin_Leonard our dreams came true :sob:

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Let’s just say it was interesting. It was beneficial in ways and not in others. You definitely have to play it right for it to work.

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My biggest concern is the way it opens up more “non-GP” tactics.

For an example, our offseason team 9993 was picked by 818 who was the 2nd seed. We said yes and the other alliances form and eventually alliance 7 asks 818 to join as their 3rd robot.

They declined, but, let’s imagine they said yes. Now 9993 is the captain of the 2nd alliance and because one of the robots left, we get a pick. Now if I knew 3538 on the 6th alliance wanted to pick our team, my best pick is one that hurts the other alliances as much as possible.

My example isn’t the greatest but in a traditional alliance selection, you’re looking for the best picks that mesh best with your alliance. However, with double acceptance there’s an element of scorching other alliances then jumping ship to another alliance.

I’m conflicted. Thoughts?


Obviously I didn’t attend, but I really like the concept in general. It makes it so that teams don’t just think they have to scout if they are going to be an alliance captain. Instead, having a picklist helps each team competing universally.

My problem with the set-up (as shown in the alliance selection) is that the last alliance will likely be totally screwed in alliance selection. Each team the #8 alliance picked ended up being taken by a lower seeded alliance until the #8 alliance ended up with the final available teams in the draft.

Switching the alliance selection from 8-1 1-8 would be interesting for making it more competitive, but also would raise concerns about implicitly encouraging teams to not perform to their highest capabilities.

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On an unrelated note, if anyone ran into a small black-handled tubular key, it might be 548’s. Please PM me if you found it.

Thanks to all the teams for humoring Matt and myself and agreeing to go along with this, it’s something we’ve talked about for close to a year now and finally getting the chance to see it happen in real life was a ton of fun. I know it was also a little confusing and a lot chaotic, but isn’t that what we all want out of an off-season? Once again thanks for letting us have some fun this weekend y’all


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