March 2 & 3 NASA TV Schedule ????

Can someone say with certainty whether or not NASA TV will broadcast the VCU (or any other) Regional event Friday and/or Saturday?

If you know for certain that they are not planning on broadcasting an event, is there anybody who has the ability to influence NASA TV’s decision?

I ask because our Team (1038) has made arrangements with a local restuarant, Buffalo Wild Wings, to watch the elimination rounds on a large screen TV on Saturday afternoon. Last year we gathered a small portion of the team and some mentors at a home. That was fun, so we decided to expand to a venue that could accomodate our entire team, their parents and all mentors. The restuarant agreed to provide us space in front of one of their large screen TV’s and agreed to supply sound on a nearby smaller set. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to our surrounding community the excitement and values of F.I.R.S.T.

I hope that NASA TV can support our efforts to fulfill the mission of F.I.R.S.T.

Our back up plan will be to move the group to our school and watch via webcast. Not as impactful, but we’ll still have fun.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

I haven’t seen any information on broadcasts, but a webcast schedule is here (including webcasts be SOAP 108 and Wildstang).

Yes, Congress through appropriations! Actually, NASA has been very supportive in the past, and unless they had a special event (i.e., shuttle mission) occurring at the same time, they would broadcast one of the NASA supported Regionals. Hopefully, they continue the tradition this year.

Also a good time to train scouts. If you have a practice bot, tape the broadcast to get the sounds of the event and the start/end game signals. Then replay the tape during practice, so that your drivers get comfortable with the noise level of the crowd and the period of time they actually have to play the match. Much more effective than standing there with a 2 minute stopwatch.

Good Luck to the Thunderhawks this year!

I hope they plan on showing it on TV because I would much rather watch it on tv than sit at my PC watching it. But I know they have done it in the past. However, I heard kick-off was going to be the only televised event this year, but maybe I misheard someone.

there is the NASA channel, assuming that you have it. I have it, but i don’t get it at the times I decide to watch it. depends on your provider. for dirctv its in the 300’s or 600’s.

right now I’m lagging using the nasa webcast by several seconds.