March Madness!!!

Hey all! I have a question for all you College Basketball fans out there. Who do u think is going to win the NCAA Tourney this year?

My Opinion: Kentucky has the easiest road to the Final Four and once there they will play a very wearied team form the West Regional (whether it be AZ, Kansas, Duke or Illinois). They will get to the Chanmpionship and will most likely play a 2 or 3 seed team because the 1 seeds in the East and South are pretty weak (giving the nod of OK vs. Kansas? C’mon.) Anways, I got Kentucky going all the way and a few of my sleepers are Notre Dame (although a 5 seed, have not gotten much attention) and LSU who will play a very intiguing match-up in the round of 32 with #1 seed Texas. Thats my opinion, and I hope there are a few others in the FIRST Community that enjoy sports as much as I do. Hope to see some posts and opinions on the greatest sporting event. ITS MARCH MADNESS BABY!!! (Dickie V)

WOOOO!!! Go IUPUI Jags!!! Kentucky’s going down! :wink:

The final four will be:


Kentucky beats Syracuse 85-74 in the championship.

Florida Gators are going all the way!!! They are taking Texas down!!



yay!!! go boilers!!!

Personally, I’m rooting for St. Joe’s- but I’m still in shock- how could Duke, Arizona, and Kansas be put in the same bracket? Comeon- all three could have made the final four…

Wake Forest is going down… Yeah…

There was some guy on NPR this afternoon talking about the statistics of the NCAA games.
I wish we had that kind of grant money to waste.

well, Id like to say that Stanford is going to go all the way, but thats not happening. The women on the other hand, look for them in the final four.



Go Michigan!

(yea, yea. I know that michigan isn’t in, but State (eeeewwwwww) is…i think…)

UCLA! Um, nevermined, we didn’t even make it to the tournament (first time in forever!) <sigh> I guess the only thing we have to hold onto is our upset over #1 Arizona…

We’ll be back next year! :slight_smile:

i wish purdue could go all the way, but we all know why gene keady only plays 14 holes of golf…

he just can’t make the final four. no, i’m a diehard purdue fan and i wish them the best of luck. as for my picks…AZ. (home of the greatest regional i’ve ever been to!)

I don’t care who wins the Men’s tourney. None of my favorite colleges are in it. Now the women’s tournament is gonna be good. Both of my favorite colleges, Vanderbilt and Tennessee, are on opposite sides(both ranked 1st). It’ll be Vandy vs. Tennessee in the finals. With Vandy winning!

I haven’t done so well in the school tourney…i picked Holy cross to go all the way (yes i realize that they didn’t have a chance, just putting some faith in the boys)…there is always next year.

I don’t watch much college basketball… I originally picked AZ I’m not sure how they are doing… College Hockey is more my favorite sport…

I always look forward to March madness because the start of it means that baseball is just around the corner!

My bracket blew up this weekend!
The only survivor is SU.

CAn you say Kansas anyone??!!