March Madness

So begins another round of March Madness FIRST style with four regionals starting today.
Good luck to all the teams who now get to see the fruits of their labors come to light. May the joys outweigh the lows and may the complaints be far and few between. May the inspiration flow freely and may we all remember that this is still fun no matter where you are in the standings.
Congratulations to all!

yeah it is another round of fun and it is a time to really enjoy ourselves i think everyone involved in or with FIRST deserves it so just enjoy yourselves :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Tomasz Bania :slight_smile:

Is it bad when your tivoing the NASA channel for 4 days straight?

I don’t have school today! I am going to watch the NASA channel all day.

1derboy I am so jealous. I hope that I will be able to see some of this weekend’s regional. I wish that I did not have school today.

may the road accelerate in the +Z direction

and the wind alway be from -Y (modernized Irish blessing)

Hey, I was unaware that there were webcastings on the practice day… I’ll have to go check it out. Good luck to all teams, I wish I had the NASA channel! May your shirts be full of buttons, yours inspiration be plentiful, and your error messages be few.

is anyone able to view the webcast? all i see is nasa programs on nasa tv and i get an error on acessing the wbcast…

good luck to everyone

Not on NASA TV, only on Webcast

Can’t use Mozila FireFox to download stream bc it will be in the wrong file format.

only VCU/NASA Regional this week

Regional will only be on NASA TV on Saturday
Naext Saturday will be the Arazoina regional (maybe a bit of Florida mixed in as well)

Good Luck to all and to all a happy Regional Season Opening Day!!!

Not sure if this was already posted, but is there anywhere I can watch it online in realtime? Or close to realtime? Like usfirst with the kickoff?

See this [thread=42124]thread[/thread] for links to VCU