March Madness

Aside from update 16, there is other important business at hand. Although I know the real March Madness is occuring at regionals across the globe but I would like to discuss the big dance. Selection sunday is coming up soon.
Who do you think are gonna be the 1’s. Who do you think is gonna be upset. Who is going to take it all?
I personally am pumped about march madness considering the conference playoffs are going into double overtimes and we are already seeing upsets here. (NC State Duke).
So what is it going to be.

And to all teams competing in the regionals this weekend, good luck

Everyone is out of town at the moment competitng in March Madness FIRST style!
But it’s so hard predicting the NCAAs because of the one and done deal. That’s what makes it so exciting!

true true, but w can always predict. I am only set on one thing and that is Ohio state will get a one. Easy call. I am thinking that UCLA will get upset and maybe Wisconsin too.
To take it all, I am thinking Florida MIGHT be able to get it back. But I really have no real idea.

Not just that, just when you have a good idea of who’s gonna be in…some team like Miami (FL) or Wright State spoils your bracket (or even George Mason).

Let’s post a hypothetical situation here:

As far as I’m concerned…ONLY

North Carolina
Southern Illinois
Ohio State
Virginia Tech
Boston College
Butler (perhaps)
Notre Dame

(Duke and GA Tech have too poor of conference records to be included)
(Among those teams not automatically in).

In the ACC you have a crazy situation as:

Miami (the 12-seed) beats Maryland and faces Boston College
NC State (the 10-seed) beats Duke (the 7 seed)
Florida St. (the 9 seed) beats Clemson (the 8 seed and a team once unbeaten earlier in the season)

If Wake Forest (the 11-seed) beats Ga. Tech (the 6 seed), you could potentially see teams supposedly locked or near locked (Seeds 5-8) sweating on the bubble and if MIAMI of all teams wins, we could see the ACC champ in a play-in game because A) they’ll probably still have a losing record and B) they don’t have enough quality wins to guarantee much higher

Wright State secured a 2nd bid for the Horizon League by beating Butler in the championship

So if you’ve hoped for Drexel, West Virginia, Hofstra, Missouri State, or any other bubble team: start sweating what could happen.

Duke went 8-8 in the toughest conference in NCAAB. Plus they have non-conference wins vs. Indiana, vs. Georgetown, vs. Air Force, and @ Gonzaga. Duke is most definitely a lock for the tournament.
Georgia Tech isn’t a lock, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them playing in it.

My #1 seeds are:
UCLA (even with the loss today)
Ohio State
Florida (nobody else has stepped up to take it from them)

I don’t know if it will happen, but I think the CAA should get 3 teams in. VCU already has an auto-bid, as they won the CAA tournament. Drexel and ODU each lost in the CAA semis, but they have resumes that are good enough that they should make it. ODU was 24-8 (15-3), 2nd in the CAA, and won @ Georgetown, and @ Toledo. ODU also split with VCU and Hofstra, and swept Drexel in CAA play. Drexel went 23-8 (13-5), 4th in the CAA, has had 14 neutral/away wins, and won vs. Toledo, @ Villanova, @ Syracuse, and @ Creighton.
Watch out for Villanova in the tournament as well (not quite a lock, but high odds they will make it). When (Herndon alumnus) Scottie Reynolds does well, Villanova is next to unstoppable (7-2 when he scores 20+).

If Georgetown makes a heckuvarun- Duke will be a lock and Georgetown will be a #1 seed. Nice work for DC basketball!

Also, I had failed to mention Kansas or Texas in that matter.

And now my official doomsday scenario in the ACC is confirmed.

(1) UVA vs (9) Florida State
(2) UNC vs (10) NC State
(3) Va. Tech vs. (11) Wake Forest
(4) Boston College vs (12) Miami (FL)

And what happens in Doomsday scenario 2:

(9) Florida State vs. (10) NC State
(11) Wake Forest vs. (12) Miami

What about that?

Mason is not going to be spoiling any brackets this year, VCU made sure of that. The CAA had another great year this year (4 teams with 22+wins), and I agree with Sean that the CAA should get three bids.

Not that I’m biased or anything.


First off it was:
BC vs Miami
UVA vs. NCState
VT vs. WF

Now, both Florida teams were eliminated, preventing half of the doomsday scenario. VT should be able to beat WF easily (knocks on wood) tonight. UVa should also be able to wrap up against NC State, although that one will be closer.

That WF v. GT game… I cried myself to sleep…
I really want to se Durant going against Oden (fun fact, went to the HS home to 1024).
I really hope Alabama makes it but I think their hopes are shot.
And all these teams from Virginia going… that is crazy.
That louisville WVU game was amazing last night

Anybody rooting for any FIRST Regional Hosts

Purdue or VCU (i know both can cause upsets, and i got VCU beating UCLA and going to the elite eight, but losing to Kansas.)

Teams Include

Virginia Commonwealth University
University Of Pittsburgh
Purdue University
University Of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV)

any going for these FIRST sponger teams

I bleed orange and white when it comes to sports, orange and blue when it comes to robotics (orange and blue in sports are my HATED rivals).

Anyways, I have Tennessee winning it all. With a couple of bounces their way it would be possible. They almost beat tOSU on an off night. They’ve already walloped Memphis.

I’m just really GLAD Iowa didn’t make it to either the NCAA or NIT.

Is anybody volunteering to host a tournament bracket u-pick-em? (I’m not volunteering myself, by the way.) Both men’s and women’s?

So how is everyones bracket fareing? So far I’m down three.


if you guys find me on facebook, then you guys will be able to see my bracket there too, it’s going good so far

speaking of FIRS regional teams

we could be looking at a possible showdown in the second round

VCU vs Pitt

So far I’ve only got 4 wrong, and called both the VCU and Winthrop wins. :wink:

Thus far I would have been perfect if it were not for that Duke loss to VCU! I knew I should have went with my mind instead of my BLUE & WHITE heart:o ! Who do you guys have in your final four?

I know what you mean. I love the dukies and was feverishly watching the game. Too bad they lost.

Also I have only lost 3 games: Notre Dame, Duke, and Texas Tech, although the Wisconson game was a scary one (I have them in my Final Four along with Kansas, UNC, and Memphis).

i cant believe that Notre Dame got upset. But hey, this is what it is all about…

Well let’s see: I had Florida, Kansas, Louisville, and Washington State… so yeah, I’m not doing well (though to be fair, I had Florida winning it all, so I’m still in on that). My brackets had a few upsets in them (yes, I also had VCU over Duke), but when almost none happened, a good deal of my brackets got screwed up. And whatever I didn’t lose in the first round got destroyed in the second.

Anyhow, come Sunday night after the dust settles, I’ve still got Florida coming out of the Midwest and Kansas from the West, but now from the East I have Georgetown and I have Memphis winning the south. It’s a lot easier now that there’s only 16 left. :smiley: