Marines build Stronghold Robot

They are a little late, but the Marines are weighing with what would have won Einstein hands down.

Seriously though, with the exception of the gun it looks like it would play the game pretty well.

I don’t know how the robot would fare with weight rules. :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all reality that’s awesome and helps me realize the good that can come out of engineering we learn through frc.

Great engineers think alike?..

Geared for just a bit over 10fps though… seems a little slow.


I must have missed the part in the video where it can shoot foam balls with high precision into a tower.

Hold on, I thought they’re only allowed to carry one bullet at a time.

I love it!

They must have misread the rules… I think they say “defeat the tower” and stopped reading. Of course when they get done with a match the field will look a lot like week 1.

Looks to me like someone’s been playing a bit of XCOM.

How wrong is it that I keep looking at all of these and just start thinking “We have the technology. We have the capability to make…”

Come on First… let next years game be BattleBots… what could go wrong?

I agree…cool robot, and definitely has interesting applications, but a FRC Stronghold robot this is not.