Mark Koors - Boilermaker WFA!

Congratulations to Mark Koors, Regional WFA from the 2006 Boilermaker Regional!

Awesome - congratulations Mark.

Andy Baker’s presentation of the award was just incredible. I was crying myself by the end of it.

As we say around our shop:

“Mark! Mark! He’s our man, if he can’t do it…It’s impossible!”
if he can’t do it…Well we’re not really sure what would happen because this has never actually occurred.

Congrats Mark!

I have to be quite honest with you all. When Mark was announced as the winner, I shed a tear. He definitely deserved this great honor. We tried to repay him for his countless amounts of work put into our projects and finally it paid off. Mark, you are amazing, a man we can always depend on to back us no matter what the odds. Thanks for being just darn amazing!

Congratulations on receiving the WFA at Boilermaker. I regret I was not present to congratulate you in person. You have been an inspiration to all who know and work with you. Hope you are having a great time this weekend.


Congrats! It was a great experience getting to spend some time with ya when you came to CT…I am glad to hear you won this award. You deserve it!

-Andy Grady

Congratulations Mark, this is a well deserved honour. I’ll congratulate you in person in Toronto. :slight_smile:

Video…we want video!!! :slight_smile: [edit] and we want to read the essay here: [/edit]
Mark, congratulations!!!

Congratulations, Mark! A very well-deserved honor!

Congratulations, Mark! It was great to meet you in Hartford!!!

I’ll second that.

Mark, it was a pleasure to set up the field with you on Wednesday - I was absolutely kicking myself for not realizing who you were earlier in the day. After this opportunity, and also after talking with the rest of your pit crew, it is easy to know why you fully deserve this award. Congratulations!

Congrats Mark,

Your an amazing gentleman and I feel privelaged to know you and for getting the oppertunity to work with you. Your definately someone a young mentor like myself can look up to and strive to be more like!