Markforged Pricing?

I know we’re late to the party on this one, but we’re ready to get one or two Onyx One printers. I was hopeful to get in touch with Markforged, but phone went to voice mail, and email and web form went unanswered. Anyone have a direct line to one of their reps? I know they used to have special discount pricing for schools and/or FIRST teams, and I’m trying to determine if that is still the case. Thanks.

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At this point @RC and @AdamHeard might as well be reps. At the bare minimum they likely know someone you can contact.

I got an answer pretty quickly. It’s $4500 for the printer right now. If Markforged doesn’t answer Hawkridgesystems sells the printer too at that price. I told them I was buying for a robotics team/school and was not told of any special pricing/sponsorships.

I think it depends who the rep is for your area. It took me awhile to finally get in touch with someone and the process to order from Hawkridge Systems in CA as the vendor was long.
We finally received our Onyx and X7 machines yesterday.
Installation and training Jan 28-29 because the person has to quarantine on island first before coming to our shop.
We got a trainer tech who is originally from Hawaii so that he could stay with his folks while in quarantine. I hope its all that its hyped to be.
David, I can share the contact person info if you want. I’m sure he’s the same rep for you folks also.

As far as I am aware, Markforged has axed new FRC sponsorship/discounts, at least for the time being. There was a rolling back period for a bit, and it seems to have all disappeared after Covid got up to speed (unsure of any relation).

For work, we work with a rep from Advanced World Products out of Fremont, CA. Happy to pass along the contact info if you’re interested. We order stuff and it’s normally at our door next day up in Davis, CA.


I bought 3 of my 5 through Advantage Litho Supply. They’re based out of Michigan and you can order Onyx & other various consumables through their website, or call someone and talk to their excellent sales reps. The price is $4500, it used to be $3500. Those were the days.

They also have the best Onyx price I’ve found hands down at $182.50 a roll.



Personally if you’ve how the budget to buy Onyx I’d personally suggest getting something like a Funmat HT Enhanced. Personally me nor my team has a budget to get such a machine, but the Funmat series is quite popular on 3D printing forums and from all I’ve seen online, they are amazing machines. Your disadvantage would be the lack of fibers that reinforces parts. However, your advantage would be the ability to basically print any 3D printing polymer you could think of. Anything from CF Nylon to PSU to PEEK, PEAK, or ULTEM. All those materials are quite expensive sure, but so is Onyx. Personally I’d prefer using a plastic that’s just about as strong as steel (ULTEM 1010 for example) than a plastic that’s reinforced to be stronger (Onyx materials).

If you wanna go the Funmat route, I’d suggest calling the guys over at .

At the end of the day it’s up to you. Sorry if I went too off topic :smiley: Keep us updated on what you choose or where you get your machine.


Interesting stuff. Anyone else have thoughts on this printer?

Well, for starters, its $7499. That means it’s more expensive than an Onyx One, and it lacks the cloud simplicity a Markforged has. Eiger, the cloud slicer that works with MF printers, is a wonderful tool you have to experience to see the beauty of it.

And if you want to take advantage of those super high temp filaments, it’ll cost u more per gram than Onyx for little gain.

All this being said, I have heard glowing things about this printer second hand from a team in Illinois a few years back. On top of that, for $3000 more, you can use cheaper materials, and you can save about $100 per kilo on nylon carbon fiber. That means after 30 rolls, you are saving money on filament compared to a Markforged, so there is an argument to be made for that.

We’ve got the first version and would not recommend that version.

The newer enhanced is supposed to be MUCH better and will be a good step up from pretty much any other printer at the price. It comes with independent stepper drivers, a new bed support system, better hotend breakout board with improved terminal connectors, upgraded wiring looms for the hotend through the heated chamber. All of which was to address issues with the first edition. The extruder still looks dodgy. I suggest if you get one you replace the extruder with a bondtech BMG printed in a high temp material.

From reports that other users have on them, it’s important to keep in mind this isn’t a ‘true’ high temp printer (it also comes at $7500 vs $100K… so you know…). 90 degrees C chamber temp will allow you to start printing high temp materials, but reports I’ve heard are that you aren’t going to get large ultem parts to print well as the chamber doesn’t get hot enough, but anything up to 1.5" tall will be fine. Maybe 2". It is likely possible to use Infrared heat lamps to get heat to the part and increase success with larger parts. For FRC, it is likely that sort of a size limit is not a problem.

There are some new versions of peek that you’ll be able to print, but… it is quite expensive. Of course, the material properties are amazing.

The one thing that is worth pointing out is simplicity. High temp materials aren’t simple. Markforged is. It just works and is dimensionally accurate, which is something you’ll need to tune in with any other filament / slicer combo. The ability to print remotely is also really nice.


:sweat_smile: Personally I haven’t experienced the Eiger software so can’t comment on that. As I said PEAK, ULTEM or similiar high temp filaments appeal more to me than fiber reinforced filaments. Besides as far as what I recall (and I may be wrong on this :smiley:) Onyx is a closed filament system, meaning you practically can only use their filaments. Depending on supply available this can either be a pro or con. As for the heafty price tag of a Funmat versus the Onyx, it really depends. If you could find the original Funmat HT (non Enhanced) that would be a more similiar costing machine at around $5000 if memory serves.

If you can, no matter which machine you choose, go for second hand. Both of these machines are built to last so you’d be saving a fair bit.

As for which you should buy, discuss with your team as to if you want fiber reinforcement or the ability to use high temp filaments. Both have pros and cons. Funmat while alowing for a much larger range of filaments, requires a fair bit more experience to operate. (Check Vision Miner’s Youtube to see what I mean) On the other hand the Onyx system is much more user friendly from what I can see but as such is way more ristrictive. Especially with the closed filament ecosystem.

Any ways, I hope no matter which you choose, have fun :smiley:

Agreed. It really depends on your choice of eas of use VS. Material properties.

For anyone interested. Not completely on subject, but felt it fits well here.
Check out The Spaghetti Detective. Also, least one person (not me) there mentors an FRC team

I’m not a programmer, and it was pretty painless to setup octoprint and this plugin.

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