Markforged printers: Does your team own one or use them?

5568 we use a Mark Two from our sponsor. Mostly for sprockets & pulley’s and items we don’t want to print out of PLA

325 (and 144) own and use.

3284, own a Onyx Pro and that is almost exclusively all we print with.

1895 has an Onyx one. Been using it much more extensively this off season and plan to use it a ton next season. Highly recommend if you can afford one.

4392, use Mark Two

We own one but haven’t used it much as we got it towards the end of last season & school year. I know our team is excited to make things with it for this upcoming season.

It’s definitely been a thought - if the FRC game produces no ball game pieces, then 2" Vectored Intake Wheels don’t make a whole lot of sense. Some kind of Markforged Onyx One print service might be a good alternative at that point.

The Thrifty Bot / Probably some 1720 parts - 2 Onyx Ones (for now)


1551, own and use.

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1577, own.

4915, own and use

Markforged Printer Owners/Users as of 191126 11:44am:

Team Own one or more Use someone else’s Model(s)
33 x 2 Onyx Ones
48 x Mark Two
144 x
325 x
503 x Onyx One
1058 x
1551 x
1577 x
1678 x Onyx One, Mark Two
1745 x X7
1885 x
1895 x Onyx One
1923 x Mark Two
2767 x
3200 x Mark Two
3284 x Onyx Pro
3542 x x Mark Two
4392 x Mark Two
4915 x
4926 x
5401 x
5568 x
6328 x

For the sake of completeness, we have a single Onyx One.

364 - 2 onyx ones

125 is one of the OG teams that was using MF prints, someone from their team (@Brandon_Holley) would have to confirm what types and how many they have/use.

They and 1678 were two of the early adopters that were a big influence for us to get one after talking to them a lot about it.

Funny story - I believe 11 was one of the first teams to own one (2015 ish)…but I don’t believe they’ve ever actively used it, I could be wrong, haven’t paid much attention to the more recent robots.

Every bearing block for the elevator was printed on the MF. The original one from 2015 has since been decommissioned however the school owns another that lives with the MATE ROV team.

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Onyx One for us, too.

Mark Two for us.

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1671 has an Onyx One and an Onyx Pro that are used heavily during build season.

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