Markforged Simulation Software

Hey Everyone,

Markforged just released this cool simulation software for all Eiger users.

This allows for some really cool strength, stiffness, and time analysis on parts. The software will be free until April 1st 2023.



That’s neat. Any idea what it’s going to cost after the free trial?

No clue but I am sure it will be a SaaS model.


super cool!

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Hello All, I’m brand new here but wanted to take a chance to introduce myself! Simulation will be incorporated into the success plans (aka service plans) for your machines. There will also be opportunities to access Markforged University which is a professional, self paced training course with certifications for Markforged composites. I know FIRST Robotics teams use a lot of 3D printing technology outside of Markforged but I work with Markforged equipment daily and therefore hope I can be a resource for some of you with any Markforged related questions. Please feel free to reach out if I can help you out!


Hi John,

The news you shared is interesting because our team does continue to run a couple Markforged Onyx series printers. Questions:

  1. When you say sim will be added to our success/service plan, will that be a new opportunity available with no incremental cost? Or will it be an opportunity that is enabled but involves a cost to utilize? If so, what will the cost be?
  2. Similar question for Markforged University. Will it be a new thing built into what we already have (i.e. accessible via Eiger maybe?)? Or will it be fee-based & if so, what fee? If there are options, good to understand them.
  3. Finally, when will these opportunities become available?

Chris, team 4915 mentor

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Hi John,

Do you know if Markforged offers education discounts to FIRST teams on materials? We just picked up our first Markforged this year (in addition to a Stratasys Fortus 380mc) and we’re looking to budget costs for future years.

Team 461 Mentor

Hi @chrisrin,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll do my best to answer correctly. Disclaimer, the info below is for commercial customers which I believe FIRST Teams are categorized as today. I’m hoping to work with Markforged to get some more open access to FIRST teams and some special FIRST Robotics packages.

  1. for our commercial users, there will be tiers of success plans.
  • Basic - No additional cost. essentially what you get if you purchase a machine without a success/service plan. this option will STILL include unlimited access to Markforged University for 1 year from the date of purchase. Its unclear what this will mean for those with existing machines. My hope is that Markforged will open it up to all eiger users for at least a year. Additionally, I’m working with FIRST leadership to see if we can set something up for widespread access to FIRST participants.
  • Essential - % of your Machine’s MSRP /annually. Includes access to technical support from VAR and replacement parts for anything. Includes unlimited access to markforged university. Batch workflows (uplaoding multiple STLs), custom analytics, custom part approval workflows, utilization dashboards and more .
  • Advanced: % MSRP of printer, plus . will include all of essential plus Simulation, and Inspection for customers with Industrial machines (x3, x7) as well as other software perks that were formerly a part of Eiger Fleet.
  1. See above, hoping its included in eiger for all. More Markforged University use means more effective use of the composites and additional applications. I believe Markforged is aware of this.

  2. April 1. That’s when the eiger simulation trial ends and these programs commence.

I’m hoping to create a FIRST Robotics “kit” that can be offered to FIRST Teams that includes a printer (onyx one?), materials, access to Markforged U. and maybe a few other things. More to come on that in coming weeks.

Hope this helps!


Hi @ehochstein , Congrats on a great lineup of machines! There currently are no discounts from Markforged for FIRST Robotics teams to my knowledge.

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