Marriott Marquis - Who's there?

Kyle will be staying there but im not sure what room.

I didn’t even know it got moved to the Marquee, I thought it was still at the Hyatt.

Either way I was looking for something a little more random. I’m sure some silly game will end up being started on Friday night, have a 150 people join it, then suddenly get killed by something stupid like a ball flying over a fence.

Anyone up for the cup game? We didn’t do it at AZ this year (partially due to the lack of tables), I could do with a getting a big game of that going again.

I rather have a giant Hack Circle.:slight_smile:
Now that would be very fun, with all the teams that are staying here.

See you guys there!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

O yea and 501 will be there and hopefully attending the dance thurs night

1525 will be there too, but our mentor isn’t allowing us in the pool… :frowning:

Our mentors won’t allow us in the pool either (due to our school district’s rules – all because some kid drowned on a school field trip and he was in a school district near us).

Team 126 will be in the Marriot…

And about the pool, it will be closed for renovations during the competition, so I guess no one is really losing out. :slight_smile:

I heard that the hotel across the street is allowing the Marquis guests to use theirs

It looks to me quite a few curie teams are staying there. Lucky for me my team gets discounted roomservice. I knew it would pay off someday to become a chef instead of a engineer…

Anywho, I don’t think you REALLY want a bunch of roboticists in a pool. We’d probably get along more naturally in an impromptu LAN party.

I’ll be there!

Im pretty sure thats where we are staying…1126.

1592 will be staying there as well

This hotel is also the designated hotel for many of the volunteers for the Championship.
That said, here comes the RoboMom talk.
Please be considerate of all guests.

I’m providing Kyle’s room at the Marriott. I’m flying in representing Foster-Miller (the company I work for), who I’m trying to get more involved in FIRST. You should see their logo around on a little something they donated for this year…

To help show them the FIRST community is responsive to their sponsors, go check out the FMI website at! Check out our TALON family of robots under the products tab at the top of the screen - also, check out all of the other cool things FMI does!

Gonna be elevator madness all over again.

65 is gonna be there wednesday morning for any team thats gonna be there early.

Team 1622 will be in the house as well! :] Looking forward to meeting new FIRST family members.

Never quit, never give up, never say die!

like my friend matt said
team 65 is going to be there we hope
so anyone there should deffently come say hi to us

Jesus christ, that’s a lot of teams for one hotel.

This is going to be so awesome.

Ironically, I am currently staying in the M&M New York (Times square)…

There are 16 elevators, serving ~50 floors. When you enter the ring of elevators, you enter your floor number, and it tells you which elevator to get on. There are no buttons inside; The elevator simply takes you where you need to go.